A Thai woman was attacked by a foreign man, which is spreading on social media (video)

A Thai woman was attacked by a foreign man, which is spreading on social media (video)

Jun 18, 2024 - 11:59
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A Thai woman was attacked by a foreign man, which is spreading on social media (video)

A foreign man allegedly attacked a Thai woman on Pattaya Walking Street for filming him during a heated argument with another foreigner.

Facebook news page Social Hunter 2022 shared a video of the Thai victim arguing with the alleged foreign attacker on June 17 with a few words highlighting the incident.

“I used to frequent entertainment venues six to seven years ago. I loved going to ONYX and Demo (in Bangkok). If you argue with partygoers at these venues, it’s very difficult to seek justice. Be careful, party lovers.

“This video shows an incident that took place in Chon Buri. The woman who recorded the video was physically assaulted by a foreign man. She has already filed a complaint with the police.”

In the video, the woman is heard telling people nearby that the foreign man attacked her and urging them to stop him from leaving.

“This is the man who punched me! This bastard! Look at him. He punched me for no reason! He attacked me. I will bring him to jail. Don’t let him escape. He assaulted me and another foreign man, who is now bleeding from his nose.”

The foreign man in the video, wearing a black tank top and shorts with a tattoo on his arm, is heard saying, “F*ck off!” and also shouting in Thai, “A Rai Wah!” (a vulgar expression means what the f*uck). He tries to leave the scene but is prevented from doing so.

Channel 3 reported that the altercation occurred on Pattaya Walking Street around 4.30am on June 16. The victim, a cashier at a bar, filmed the foreign attacker engaging in a physical altercation with another foreigner.

According to the media, Pattaya Tourist Police arrived to suppress the situation before the woman filed a complaint against the foreigner at the police station. Channel 3 attempted to contact the victim but was unsuccessful.

In a related report, another physical altercation took place on Pattaya Walking Street at a similar time on June 17. In this case, a foreign man was caught on CCTV punching a Thai transwoman, knocking her unconscious in the middle of the street.

The motive and details of the attack remain unknown and the transgender victim has not yet filed a police report.

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