When are the highest condo rental prices in Phuket ?

When are the highest condo rental prices in Phuket?

Apr 3, 2024 - 17:21
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When are the highest condo rental prices in Phuket ?

From the end of 2022 until the current 2024, the number of foreign condo investors in Phuket is gradually increasing.. Rather than living in Phuket, foreigners are buying condos for investment only.. Condos built by well-known developers have sold out 80% five months after the opening of the Sale Gallery.

Can Burmese citizens buy a condo in Phuket? Can they rent it back? When are the prices the highest? I'll tell you about Phuket's weather first. There is no winter in Phuket. There is rain and summer... Rain is from July to October and summer is from November to June... Even in summer, some districts still have scattered rains.

From July to October, the price is normal, and from December to May, condo rental prices reach the highest...some condos go from 8,500 baht to 17,000 baht.

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